Track your vitals has been playing a very unique role in keeping track of our users records health and enabling them to easily connect with doctors, labs and pharmacies. Here is what our users have said about the app.
I found Track Your Vitals very useful App for maintaining digital health records

- Raviprakash Kanugodu

I use this app for my day to day vitals management.

- Narahari Bandagadde

(Retired RBI Officer)
Finally, a very usefull app to maintain all my medical records digitally.

- Akshay NS

Medical professionals can use this App for proactive healthcare to their patients.

- Dr. Mahesh

(THO Hassan)
This is one of the comprehensive wellness management App which I have come across

- Mr. U T Suresh

(CEO – Flowergrafic)
Unique app and I feel it is useful for everyone.

- Arunachala Sharma

(Officer at Corporation Bank)
I can easily access my patients' health records.

- Dr. Nisarga

(Cardiac Surgeon)
Kepping track of my vitals has never been so easy.

- Padmini Ramesh

Thanks to TYV, forgetting is now not an excuse for not keeping track of our vitals.

- Manasa Hegde and Srivatsa

A very unique and usefull app.

- Ramya Ramkrishna

My entire family medical data is in my mobile.

- Zulkiflee Borhan



A unique app that keep track of your and your family's health and also helps to connect with your Doctor,Labs and Pharmacy


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Tejasco is an India and Singapore based technology product Company focusing on developing unique healthcare products.
Our vision is to organize healthcare industry through technology and data, which will benefit hospitals,doctors, Pharmacy, Labs and citizens.
Our solution will enable doctors to provide proactive healthcare to their patients.



Cloud based healthcare eco-system helps rural health care providers to utilize the technology for delivering their service effectively. Collects and track data to provide pro-active medication and treatment needs on the fly.


Medinfo-Tab ICMS

MedInfoTab-Enterprise In-Patient Care Management System, tracks and monitors the patients health and medication from admission to discharge for both surgical and non-surgical cases. Eases the life of Consultants, Resident Doctors and Nurses in managing case sheets.


Track your vitals

A unique app that keep track of your and your family's health and also helps to connect with your Doctor,Labs and Pharmacy.

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